The idea of Artris originated sometime back in 1996 and quick the basic lines of this world were drawn in my mind. The rough maps and physic appearance of the world were soon put down on paper along with the early history and some ideas about its natural history. But for long it mostly existed in my head. From the beginning itís different alphabets and languages were, if not made then outlined. But I did not have time to make much real progress in evolving it into what I hoped it would someday become. In the beginning I wanted to run a roleplaying campaign on it but I never got the opportunity and I have not been playing roleplaying games since 1998. Therefore I somewhere along the years came up with the idea of putting it on the internet. But many technical problems had to be overcome but now it is coming along slowly.
The idea is that I on these pages will present different documents and items from the world of Artris. Most of it will be the originals but some will, to the benefit of the readers new to Artris, be translated into English. My utopian hope is that a community will grow around these and people will send me articles about the world and itís inhabitants and help translate the original texts. Especially as many areas of life I know very little about and would not be able to comprehend all aspects of life on Artris.
Then you might ask whom am I. Well I am at the moment a student at the University of Copenhagen but soon I expect to become a master in Biology (Ornithology) and though I am from the island of Funen I have lived for almost 7 years in Copenhagen. This as some of you might have guessed will make me Danish, though part of my name, Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen, is Dutch. I am 25 years, born on the 30th of October 1979. Besides my keen interest in biology (mainly birds but all organisms are interesting), I like sailing in old wooden boat and dinghies. You are welcome to look at my fatherís homepage for pictures of this and more. As I have told I do also play roleplaying games but at the moment it only accounts to one: BattleMaster. This is the best free turn-based online roleplaying game that exist. Try it!